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Anonymous asked:
Oh girl, i'll only offend you if it's your kink.

Ya mean it? That’s very kind of you. I could kiss you, really I could.

Anonymous asked:
Luck is just a temporary description and the wayside ever changing. What brought me along here was your plain wanting of attention and acknowledgement by asking for a hug.

I wish luck would stay forever. At least, enough of it to keep my loved ones from hurting these days. You as well. I do not know if that last statement was meant to be offensive, but I am somewhat wounded by its first half. I will always be happy to give you a hug, though!
-holds her arms out towards you-
C’mere, you~

Anonymous asked:
I'm just a voyager, consolidating my mind into written expressions.

You’re a lucky one. What brings your voyage by my way? I’d love to keep you around!

does anyone remember when i would write walls of text without a read more

i do. i feel very bad.

good thing nobody was following me then

goodness i don’t remember the last time i posted something that wasn’t mine…….


so tumblr lovingly sent me an email saying that it’ll probably terminate my account.

In the instance that it does, well… Oops. Sorry.

I’m just lost because I don’t know what’s being infringed upon so I can’t delete it or anything I just


so my friend told me to call him Mar Mar so in further stories he’ll just be Mar. I’m too lazy-
anyway, we were watching boondocks and it was an episode with a snotty six year old beating his grandmother. I snapped at a scene and said “I couldn’t be that grandmother. I’d cut off that boy’s stomach so he’d lose weight” and Mar looked at me and said “that is so dark… And kind of sexy….” my night was made.

my mom was so excited to give these flamin’ hot limon cheetos bc she thought they were the flamin’ version of the jalepeno cheddar cheetos so she’s like “I FOUND THEM FOR YOU” and i was so excited man but then it’s flamin limon instead so i’m like “this isn’t a new kind. this isn’t jalapeno, either.” so you know what i did I RIPPED THAT BAG OPEN AND STARTED TO EAT BECAUSE really i’m not too picky i like these cheetos too and im hungry so its a win win win