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Anonymous asked:
how's life?

College is killing me. This is only the appliction process, but it’s killing me indeed.
As soon as I get some more essays cranked out, I’m sure I’ll be fine, but, still…
After that, normal school is beating me to a pulp and I’m crazy busy!
Other than that, I’m losing weight and learning to fix my voice for my school’s musical and I’m in happy clubs and I’m just really happy/excited overall.

How’s your life, darling?

Anonymous asked:
If i was dating you, i wouldn't leave the house.

My cheeks burn. You’re too sweet. I’d take the best care of you, I promise.

Anonymous asked:
Well, all i do is dream.

What’s wrong with that? Dreamers are, in my opinion, some of the most important kinds of people. Speaking of dreaming, though… I may be on the verge of passing out.

Anonymous asked:
Sometimes, i'm afraid of my thoughts. It all seems like wishful thinking to me. And it only makes me more self-absorbed. I'd love to read another mind, to check if i'm too unpatient to understand someone else.

One day, I’m sure someone will be able to let you read minds at the snap of their fingers.

You don’t seem impatient; then again, I’m a lousy judge. At least you dont let your thoughts completely consume you all the time, leaving you motionless!

Anonymous asked:
I want to see, i want to touch, i want to be, i want too much.

That sounds like a pretty song you’d sing walking down to the bookstore knowing full well you’ve to save the money you have for other things but the books are just so enchanting…

I think you want good things, and there shouldn’t ever be too many good things in the world.

Anonymous asked:
Oh, come on. Now you're flattering me. How could i ever live up to your expectations at this point? Not that i wouldn't try.
I’m sure you’d figure out an extravagant way to do it. Baby steps. Take your time; I’m not trying to rush you. I’ll be here for a very long time, haha, so just be comfortable I guess? Just don’t strain yourself! <:>

Legit though that night I said I’d rest well with that pillow I actually did.
Had very nice dreams and woke up very calm and comfortable.
It was the best sleep I’d had in a year.
Yes, I know, very twee

You know you’re in the zone when you start reblogging things, knowing full well you’ve no idea what it’s referring to, just because it fits into your meticulous groove of clicks

Anonymous asked:
What is love?

baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… no more~

Unless you mean what I actually consider love.

I consider it a choice. A very delicate choice, so delicate that more times than other it isn’t made by you directly.

It’s the waterfall of feelings washing your soul of pain, misdirection, bad intentions.

It’s- … I’ll continue this later.

so im at the library, working on my college essay due tonight as well as bio homework and ah…

I-I just saw that I had a message- oops…

Anonymous asked:
You probably have and will change in ways you won't notice until it's too late, but i can't claim to know you. Yet, i still have a desperate crush on you. Maybe even that is too much to allege, considering i just read your blog. Other than that, i'm living a pretty routinely life of which i'm too scared to break out of. Please snuggle your pillow for me.

If that is the case, which it most likely is, I only hope the change is for the better.
You can get to know me. If you’d like, I mean… You can even make an anonymous Skype or whatever and just chat me up. I’d give you my number if you wanted it!
A desperate crush… That made my cheeks heat up to a special degree. Honestly, that is the loveliest thing I have been told so far in my lifetime. That is going to sit in my mind for a long time.. I honestly never thought someone would like me for my whining and such. You make me feel better about myself and want to be better- be worth your affection.
Baby steps, darling. Just ease yourself out of your shell a little bit, and only when you think you’re comfortable. The outside world has its perks sometimes.
I will hug, cuddle, snuggle, and rest well with my pillow and imagine you’re right next to me, sweetie~ c:

Anonymous asked:
You're so twee. Actually, it was me, the "huggy anon", the whole time.

Twee: excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.

I would say I’m insulted, but I’d be lying. I know I’m twee. I attach to others very easily and I’m overly trusting and I think too hard about trivial things and I care ever so much to the point of disgusting myself and others.
I wish I could change immediately but that is very difficult for me. I’m so very sorry.
At least you know I missed you enough to think of you talking to who I thought was a stranger. Of which, ah, I missed you so! How did I totally let that idea slip when you mentioned hugs before? Haha, I’m stupid. How are you, sweetie? I hope you’re doing well.

Anonymous asked:
Although i obscure myself behind anonymity and carve out my existence on the other side of the earth, would you tell me the stories, that inhabit your dreams?

I’d tell you anything and everything you wanted if you’d ask as elegantly as that… You need not reveal who you are, while I would want you to. You seem so very interesting, I cannot let our go. Like the anon who would hug me when I was troubled. My mind consumed, body still. I’m tired. I’m going to sleep before I pass out trying to type this out on my phone…
Just let me adore you, dear, I’ll do almost anything you want me to do.
Haha… I’m passing out as we speak. I’ll tell you about my dream some other time.